Antec Fan Replacement?

Has anyone here ever performed an antec case fan replacement?

I have an antec 1200 case which comes with ~6 stock fans with speed adjustment knobs on the outside of the case. The inside of the case has 4-pin molex connectors per fan for power.

My question is, although I know they market the tri-cool (which apparently is the same fan that's in the case), is it still possible to keep the external speed control knobs functional after replacing the fan? I can't seem to figure out what connectors they take.

Am I going to lose speed control knob capability by changing out the fan?
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  1. Nah, as long as you connect it to the fan controller, youll still be able to control it, if you connect straight to PSU however using molex theyll be running 100% all the time
  2. Well thats the thing. The original stock case fans make you connect it to molex to use it. After you do this, you are able to control the speeds on the fans from the case. I tried to figure out how to was possible and there is some wire that follows to the outside fan controller.

    I was wondering if someone already replaced their fans and knows exactly what kind of wiring that was. I'm just not sure if those fans are replaceable with the ability to control the fans on the outside
  3. My friend has a thermaltake case with that little external black thing with a single dial, thats what you have right? With the 120mm orange fans? I think he has the soprano...
    Its completely possible as long as you connect the new fan to the fan controller via molex
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