Push and pull vs push

Can someone tell me which will be better? push & pull config on rads or only push config
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  1. and also can a triple rad fit into a coolermaster haf x case?
  2. YES^^

    Push+Pull is usually better!
  3. ok ty
  4. also do u recommend using uv coolant ? Or uv dye?
  5. Distilled water + kill coil + colored tubing!
  6. Push-pull will technically always be better, but by how much? Generally not too much if the setup is researched appropriately beforehand. You'll most likely end up spending an extra $30-50 on fans (assuming you're buying good ones) for maybe 3-5C at most, so that may not be worth it to you.

    It also depends on the fans you're using - slower fans tend to work better in pull, while faster fans work better in push.
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