My computer crashes after i install the graphics driver

i have sony vaio vgn fe41e
graphics card : nvidia geforce go 7400 GPU
i install win7 on my computer and now when i try to install the driver for the nvidia my computer crashes with a black screen than i have to go to the safe mode and roll back the driver to the vga standard ... please any help ..
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  1. When I installed windows7 on my PC the driver for my Geforce 7600gt was automatically installed. When I updated the driver, I had to go to Nvidia's web site and download it. After downloading it I opened the driver into its own folder. Then I went to Device Manager and updated the driver manually.
  2. but on my computer its a different bcoz my driver wasn-t installed automatically and now i cannot install the driver of the nvidio neither update it ... every time i try my computer crashes and the black screen blcok it to boot ..
  3. Have you tried to install the driver in safe mode?
  4. Yes I tried but when I reboot my computer I get a black screen that blocks all .. and i waited 20 minutes but nothing happened .. then I went back to safe mode and I have to roll back the driver and then I rebooted the computer and it worked normallly ( without the nvidia ge force driver :( )
    PLZ ANY HELP ...
  5. Is this a desktop pc u have or a laptop/notebook
  6. It's definitely a laptop. Are you sure you have chosen the correct driver for Windows 7?
  7. To eliminate any possibility of incorrect/ faulty driver have you tried from device manager, doing an update driver and letting it connect to the internet and automatically download the driver from the Microsoft site?
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