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I'm Subbu
my system is showing that 'checking configurations settings'while I'm trying to format my system its not allowing to move a head what should I do?
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  1. 1. Does that appear when U try to reinstall Windows? (I mean, on the setup screen)
    2.Or you are just trying to format some drive with the right click>format?

    If 1. , then do the following:
    -boot again from cd, and press R key.
    Type your installation number
    (usually 1 )
    type password
    (if U don't have any, just press Enter)
    Now U can format by typing this:

    format X:\ /Q

    (X stands for the drive letter of the drive you want to format)
    Do not use other letters , just the one of the drive U want to format!!!

    (Q stands for quick format)
    Other options are available for format type, like NTFS,FAT,FAT32,etc.
    You can see more options by typing:


    If 2. ,you want to format the drive within Windows, then try in Computer management in Control panel, or try an utility from the internet, to do it for you.

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