Lil help with gaming pc

Looking at building my own in the next few months (1-4).

Already Have:
optical drives
will be using a Ultra eTorque ULT33180 Mid-Tower ATX Case - Silver, Front USB, FireWire and Clear Side I won in a LAN Tournement a few years ago.
*Only has 2 case fans I believe which could pose a problem. Let me know
**I will be using Windows7 Ultimate

From here anything is up for grabs. I am looking to spend around $800 (so hard for me to put a price cap on this).

I would like to use SLI/XFIRE, but is not a must if I can pump out the FPS with one card.

I am also planning on doing some lite (and safe) overclocking.

I was hoping to see what other more informed gamers would buy on this type of budget. So if you all wouldn't mind posting the following:

Video Card(s)
Possibly a power supply if mine wont be enough.
Anything else I may have forgot or didn't take into consideration.
thanks in advance.
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  1. I'm looking at playing the normal FPS games. CS:S, L4D2, CODMW2 and just want something that will be able to play some of the future games. Not going to be using any programs that are going to make a difference. (i.e. itunes, roxio or nero). I want this pretty much soley for gaming and possibly store my songs, movies, and pics on if I feel like it.
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