I7 920 odd overheat?

Good evening,

I built this new system with i7-920 on an ASUS P6T with Thermaltake SpinQ Heatsink. When I boot my system up, my cpu reaches 80 celcius on the bios???? I did put very thin layer of thermal grease and plugged the heatsink into CPU fan plug and ignored 4th pin. Wow, 80c after like 20 seconds, how is that possible?

Thanks ><.
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    Yes that is possible - but clearly indicates either the fan / HSF is not very good, but more likely it is not seated correctly. I often attach HSF's with the mobo outside the case to make sure of a good fit.

    Remove the HSF - clean off the TIM and then reapply a small amount (AS5 or MX2) and re-seat the HSF.

    Everyone at some point has had similar issues - especially with the more recent Intel push pin crap design.
  2. The SpinQ is a decent HSF if you are not looking to overclock that i7 920 of yours, but this looks like you did not install it correctly, just like ulysses35 said.

    Remove the HSF, clean the CPU and HS of thermal paste, reapply new paste and reseat the HSF.
  3. I was kinda looking foward ocing it to 3.6 ._.; what hsf is good for that?
  4. Wow... yeah, it didn't stick on a corner and that made the cpu daaaamn hot, would never have thought grease made THAT MUCH of a difference, tha nks guys for fast reply =)
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  6. Peaks at 64 on prime95 on stock freq/v ><
    what's best HSF for this?
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