What is this board called

hello, i desperately need to know what this is called in the picture below

My motherboard doesnt have enough 3pin slots, to connect all of the tj07 fans :(
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  1. Is this what you're needing?


    That is a pretty extreme fan distribution block. Don't know what it's officially called. Not sure how you'd control the individual fans or if everything just runs full open when it's plugged in.
  2. yes, i am looking for something similar to a fan controller, but without controlling individual fan. I just need a board where i can plug more 3pin fans into.
  3. thats the one, thanks
  4. Extreme faniness :D. Yeah, "Multi Fan Port" or a Fan controller would do. Really though, I get enough 3-pin to molex adaptors from the fans I buy that I never really worry about things like that ^_^
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