Cheap and powerful i5 !!! suggestions plzzz.....

:hello: hey hi guys........
i will be buying a new computer again within 1-2 weeks from now........
budget is low !!!i live in india !!! so telling u guys the the budget wont be of help !!!!!
i wont be overclocking .......and this will be mostly for gaming .......
and crossfire.....i think not....with a 5850 i will be happy for a few years !!!

this is my planned build :

processor -core i5 750 2.66 ghz

motherboard -gigabyte ga p55m ud2

ram -2x 2 gb ddr3

gpu -ati hd 5850

cabinet -cooler master cm 690 or cooler master gladiator 600

smps -corsair tx 650

hdd -segate 1tb (other brands are not available in india at least not where i live!!)

logitech keyboard mouse combo

optical drive -sony dvd writer

lcd -20 inch either lg or samsung

are these ok ??? plzzz comment and let me know what ever u thing guys !!!
suggest me any changes u think of....and motherboards....only gigabyte , msi , asus and intel is available here !!!!

and ya.....HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!! :)
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  1. You can use a corsair 550W PSU no need for a 650 with just 1 GPU

    If you like a full ATX mobo look @ the

    Or the one you picked is good if not OC to much
  2. I agree with the above. Unless price is too much or a problem get a full motherboard like the one above which is excellent.

    Otherwise, you are going to have a great computer and your choice of parts is good. I didn't see an OS (recommend Windows 7 Premium 64-bit OEM). I'm sure you have it handled though.
  3. yups....sure have already !!!
  4. @tunnelrat as you will not be going crossfire, why not this ? - Got links from a Indian website...
    Change the PSU to Seasonic 500W - You wont need 650W PSU fora single HD 5850...
    CASE to Antec 300/ 200 - Both are very good value ones...
    So actually you save some money, and adding little more can get you the HD 5870...but its your choice...

    As for the rest of the components, if you wont be going wiht more than 1 graphics card, then that UD2 would suffice...
  5. gkay seasonic isnt available in kolkata !!!!
    thnks ......
    but can u suggest psu from cooler master and corsair ???
    and a case from cooler master would be really good......plzzz suggest me one !!!!
  6. ^ PSU -
    Corsair VX550 would suffice for any single chip graphics card out there...
    Cooler Master - You can check out the Real Power/ Silent PRO series
    and NO to Extreme series...they are not of good quality...

    CASE - The CM 690 is a very good one...If you are getting any of these cases for singnificantly less, then get these...
    COOLER MASTER Gladiator 600
    COOLER MASTER Centurion 590
  7. gkay ur really awesome....some veteran ur, rightfully one....
  8. ^ Thank You :)
    And dont mind about the ranking and all :P
    Just trying to help people so that they dont do my mistakes when I 1st built my PC...
  9. i have msi gd65 , i5 , corsair 550vx , 5850 , 4gigs g skill ,cm 690 , wd 500gb , cooler master hyper 212+ (all sockets compatible and in my opinion easy to install) ... the 550vx can also power the 5870 .. but that was too costly ... dont worry about sli/cf with such powerful single gpu's ... and 5850 has best price/performance .

    i bought everything from nehru place , delhi .
  10. is ur motherboard good ?? wats the cost of it ?? mine ud2 is about 7400
  11. the cm 690 has air intake vents for psu at the bottom : perfect match with the corsair i am using ... air intake from below , hot air out from behind ! psu heat = no problem . i decided for the antec 300 but as it was not available there , i went for cm 690 , a bit costlier but definitely better .. it has more fans (3 default and 4 optional), tool less hdd's , and esata which can connect to any mobo sata port .. antec 300 does not have this ... the front factory fan is blue led , and all fans are standard 120 mm . the only thing i found was that it does not have pc speaker , sometimes helpful to catch errors , but not that important .

    i would suggest corsair over CM for psu's . 550vx is more than enough for your config .

    but , if you wanna cf the 5850's get the 650tx and msi gd65 .. asus and giga sli/cf boards are rather costly at least here ... i have oced the i5 750 to 3.8 on 1.33 vcore .. if u want 4.0+ , you will need at least 1.42-45 vcore and a better heatsink than hyper 212+ .. but a nice 3.8 (1.32-33 vcore) is enough even for the future , check out the article on toms today , the i5 on stock performs similarly to i7 860 at 4.0 !! except left4dead , but frame rate was more than 100 anyway in both cases .

    keep it on stock now , u wont need to oc it at least for an year imo for gaming ... oc == unnecessary heat and power consumption anyway .
  12. yeah my mobo is fine for upto 3.8ghz easily ... which is also the practical limit of hyper 212+ in indian summers ... it has cf/sli , but i really got it because i wanted more expansion slots than ud2 , specifically pciex1 audio card that i have , and p7p55d/ud3r were without sli/cf but still costlier...
  13. do u know the prices of msi p55 boards ??
  14. hey can i know the price of ur motherboard ???
  15. gd65 = 9.5
    ud3r = 11.5
    p7p55d = 10.7 when i bought some days ago .

    still , i am not going to use the sli/cf on it .. i will sell my 5850 after 1.5-2 years and get a nicer single card by that time considering next gen is each year in gpus !!
  16. ok now i am confused !!!!!
    need help !!!!!!!
    i can go with gigabyte ga p55m ud2
    i can buy the msi p55 gd65....but i will have to sacrifice buying a creative 4.1 system !!!

    wats the best pick ???(plzzz note i already have a 2.0 jbl speaker set....and if i want i can buy the new speaker set later on !!!)

    help help help help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. help plzzzzzzzz !!!!!!!
  18. need suggestions nyone ? help..........
  19. @tunnelrat why would you need that GD65 when you wont be adding another HD 5850 later on?
    And also that UD2 is a very good board...check this -
    So first decide why you want that board and then make the purchase...
  20. if u are sure u wont add another 5850 after 1-2 years when the prices will drop , get the ud2 its a good enough board ... i researched it before buying .... other wise gd65 + 650tx is the way to go ...
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