PC freezes and wont boot with new Sata hard drive.


I'm having a little problem. Have a 9550 processor, 6 gb ddr2, a gtx275 graphic and a asus p5q se plus motherboard. I also have 3 sata hard drives already installed and working as intended. One as 320gb, another 640 gb and another with 180gb. I recently add a IDE 80gb hard drive. To do that i had to install a PCI card with a IDE connector. It works perfectly. And i have a 750w power supply.
The problem is this: i have a new sata hard drive to install (750gb). I've connectec the hard drive to the power supply, connected the sata cable to it and the motherboard. Them, i turn on the computer... it is when the pc freezes, can't even enter the BIOS... I turn off the computer, pull the sata plug from motherboard and it runs just fine.
I initially though that could be a power supply problem (not enough juice), and tried to disconnect one of the existing and working sata hard drives and replacing it with the new one. same thing occurs....
Right now it is disconnect... can't figure it out how to solve the problem....

Please need help...
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  1. does it turn on if only the SATA is connected?
  2. Sounds like you have a DOA hard drive... your PC is 'freezing' because it is trying to detect the "bad" hard drive... it is typically caused by a faulty Hard Drive. You tried another SATA port and another SATA cable I hope...?
  3. The Sata hard drive is from a external disk that i recovered because the power supply of it went MIA... so i took the hard drive and tried to make it useful again... so it is not new...i have tried other sata port and cable... not boot the computer only with it connected...i dont have another desktop to try it on.... i think i'm going to throw it out the window to see if it has wings and capable to fly...
  4. If you have backups or don't care about the data on the "new" hdd I would try and erase it with something like killdisk. Its a long shot but it may help fix some of the bad sectors.

    Have you tried booting with just the "new" hdd in? It may have an OS on it and messing with your boot order, then again that would be after BIOS loading. Just throwing some things out, hope they help.
  5. Lol... watch out below!

    you say it was previously used in an external enclosure? It may need the "controller" from the enclosure... not sure though.

    What happens if you boot to windows without it installed, and then when you get into windows... plug it in (SATA drives are hot-swappable.. it won't hurt your PC - most it would do is make you do a hard shutdown) Make sure you have the sata port enabled in BIOS or Windows won't see it.... worth a try. If you do get it. Format it...
  6. I will try that! i hasn't sure if i could plug the SATA in to the motherboard after the OS was up and running. I was afraid to try.... and still am....
  7. Don't be... they are supposed to have that ability... like I said, it may freeze your PC and require a hard shutdown. but that won't hurt anything. Good luck!
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