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What is the best way to cool my case? i am getting extreamly high temperatures with my 3570k. I have the roswell blackhawk. I changed the top fan to a intake and removed one of the front fans and made it intake from the top next to the other one. the only exhaust is the rear fan. Should i change all of the to exhaust and just keep the front one intake or is there something better?

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  1. Wow, you went backwards fast.

    The general rule of thumb is heat rises.

    Following this idea, you want your intakes on the front and sides. While you want your exhaust exiting the top and the back (upper back).

    I've had the most luck with doing positive pressure, meaning having more air pushed in, than what the exhaust can push out.

    My current setup has dual scythe 120mm pushing 75CFM each, on the front, two 80mm side panel mounted fans, 25 cfm each, one aimed at the GPU's, and the other pointed at my RAM. And a single scythe 120mm 75cfm as the exhaust on the upper rear.

    My PS is also mounted to the top, so it's also exhausting air to add to the exhaust.

    Cable management is also very important to air flow.
  2. Get 2 powerfull fans as intake on front of case.

    As suggested above push the cold air through the case and extract it through the top.

    Set your top and rear fans to exhaust.

    Give that a go and check temps, then try other options like a side or bottom fan, sometimes they help sometimes they make things worse.
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