Evga p55v vs p7h55dm pro??

guys heres the thing..i have enuf budget for an i5 rig ant these perfectly fit my budget...
the base config is this
i5 750
2gb ddr3
500gb seagate
xigmatec 500watt

the only thing is this...what to go for:
1- evga p55v with 2 used 512mb gts250
2- asus p7h55dm pro with new 5770

i dont have any other option to go for......i have heard that the evga p55v doesnt OC...is it rue or no??
i want maximum longetivity and drability......consider upgrading potential too...
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  1. Apparently the EVGA P55V does not have overclocking features, so you probably would not be able to overclock. In terms of raw performance the dual GTS 250 in SLI would perform better, the HD 5770 has more features however.
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