New i7 860 build questions...

Hey all, been about 3 years since my last build. Looking for some technical info...

As a background I am a gamer who loves to crank settings as high as possible. My budget is about $900-$1000 and I will be porting over my 74GB Raptor, Optical drives, Antec P180 Case, and BFG 650w Power supply (if possible). FYI I do not live near a Microcenter or Frys =(

As it stands, I am planning on ordering...

Core i7 860
Asus P7P55D PRO M/B
GSkill Ripjaw 2x2GB Dual Channel (Possibly to 8GB in a year or so)
XFX Radeon HD (Standard or Black)

I plan on OC'ing to 2200 FSB

1.) Can anyone offer a suggestion for a good CPU cooling solution?
2.) Am I going to run into a power consumption issue? I am worried with that XFX card I will overdraw on the PSU.

Thank you in advance =)
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  1. FYI,

    I just ran the calculator at this site

    and it supposedly says I require approximately 534W/power on 80% load & 594W/power on 100% load.

    This is assuming I OC'd to 4Ghz
  2. ^ Could you give more details on what other components that you selected while calculating the power required ? I selected HD 5850 with 2 HDDS + 1 10K HDD + 4-5 120MM fans + DVD + CPU Overclocked to 4GHz@ 1.45V+ 4 RAM sticks + 90% load + 25% capacitor aging and got 444W...

    And some suggestions about the components -
    Mobo - Get this one, that comes with USB3.0 and SATA 6GB/s support...
    ASUS P7P55D-E Pro

    RAM - This would be better -
    GSkillz ECO - Very low voltages and these seem to have very good overclocking ability...

    CPU Cooler -
    For 4GHz, it would depend on many things apart from the CPU cooler - Settings, room temp, air-flow in the case...
  3. I added various things like 2 usb devices, 50% cap aging (just in case lol), 1 pci card, etc. You were pretty close on everything I think.

    Thats not a bad idea parts wise. It would still be the same price as what I had planned.

    The only reason I picked the Ripjaw is the 7-7-7-24. I figured the memory timing and heat sink was better, but i've been out of the loop for a while. If there is something that I am missing by all means im open to suggestions.

  4. ^ How old is your PSU ? 650W would easily suffice for a single HD 5850(Actually 500W itself would suffice but again depends on the quality of the PSU though)...

    as for CPU cooling - CM Hyper 212+
    Though I cannot say that it will allow for 4GHz overclock but this one is surely one of the best low budget CPU cooler, which performs as good or even better than most of the costlier ones...
    Review -
  5. Actually I have the Raptor and a second data drive. I am willing to spend 30-40 on a cpu cooler, just want to make sure it will fit on my board without making contact with anything else. My PSU is about a yr or 2 old. I used to have an OCZ 650 but it died on me and I needed one right away so I bought this one.
  6. ^ Is it this one ?
    If Yes, then the PSU should be fine for a single HD 5850...
  7. Close, its this one...looks like the one you found was a 2nd Gen

    I also want to make sure that if I am OC'ing to 2200, I am buying the right memory.
    As far as I can tell, the PC12800/1600 can OC to 2200 and I don't need to say, buy PC16000/2000 right?
  8. ^ 2200 would depend on the CPU and also you would have to loosen the timings a bit...And also would be slightly tough to get as far as I have read from the reviews...
    With a CAS 7 1600, you can hit 1800 with CAS 8 and 2000 with CAS 9...
    But maybe it might be possible though...You can start a thread in the Overclocking Section of the forums to get better responses...
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