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dear all,
i have some question..
how i solve my supermicro.if 2 hdd on my server not detected by server.but before that hdd can detected.??? :(

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  1. Try to re-connect the HDD and see if that helps.
  2. hi guys ive got problem, im trying to install windows 7 on my xp pro sp2 computer.. everything is fine from setting temp files but when it gets to the choosing which harddrive should i use, there isnt any harddrive showing... ive tried doing diskpart on DOS, and it says no fixed disk to show... but when i check it on device manager and system info the harddrive is there.. ive got couple of pictures attach here as to show you the details of my pc. hope you can help guys, been stuck on this for a couple days now... im kinda pissed off.. thanks in advance

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  3. Has your drive ever been used in a mirror array?
  4. @musasayadi - Please start a new thread. Thanks!
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