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Hey, I'm going to be using a VERY old PC for a Media Center PC. Problem is, I'm not sure my system will be able to support Blu-Ray movie playback.

This is what I have:

Socket A Sempron 3000+
2gb DDR ram
Nvidia GeForce FX 5700LE AGP 8X video card w/ DVI
7200 120gb hard drive

The board does have SATA 150, and I was going to get a basic 4x Blu-Ray drive. The machine can run windows Vista & 7 media center; plus it plays videos quite well. So what so you think?

Joe :bounce:
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    Your CPU won't handle BluRay without a new video card. I recommend one of the cheaper HD4xxx cards.

    You also need a program that supports and plays BluRay movies (like Cyberlink PowerDVD). I doubt you can find one for less than $50.

    So you need three things in total and that's going to run you over $200.

    If you are trying to build a Home Theater for your HDTV I don't recommend it. Get a standalone player. In fact, I recommend waiting for BluRay computer players to come down in price if you need one. I'm waiting until a BluRay burner with good reviews is less than $75.
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