Question regarding onboard RAID controllers

Hi everyone!
First of all, thanks for reading and trying to help me with this.

I am currently considering purchasing a couple of HDD to set up a RAID array on my home desktop. The PC is mainly use for gaming.
Currently I have a 640 GB WD black series (Sata 3) and a 1 TB WD black series (Sata 3).
I was planning on purchasing another 1TB WD Black series, so I could set it up with the one I already have, and a 2tb WD green series for back up.

My first question is, of course, will I get a permormance improvement if I set that RAID, or do you think it's not worth the trouble.

My second question regards the motherboard storage controller.
My motherboard is an asus P6X58D-E ( It has two storage controllers:
Intel® ICH10R controller for the SATA 2 ports and Marvell® PCIe 9128 controller for the SATA 3 ports.

I think that if I install the RAID array on the Intel® ICH10R controller, I cannot use the other 4 ports unless I use them on another RAID array, is that correct?
If that were the case, I would be inclined to use the SATA 3 controller for the RAID, but I'm not sure if it's better than the SATA 2 one.

So, which controller would you suggest I use to set up my RAID array?

Thanks again!

EDIT: I want to set up a RAID 0 array
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  1. Performance improvement for a RAID 0 array consisting of 2 7200rpm drives is going to be negligible. You'd be far better served by getting a modern SSD and hooking that up to a SATA 3 port.
    Concerning port usage: the 4 remaining ports on the ICH can still be used normally. You could even setup another RAID on those ports (and it doesn't even have to be the same type).
    Performance differences between the ICH and the Marvell controller might be measurable, but will not be noticeable, so i would keep the SATA3 ports free in case you later decide to buy that SSD.
  2. Thanks JustAnotherNoob.
    SSD are way too expensive in my country for me to get my hands on them. So you say that the improvement of a RAID 0 on 7200 rpm drives is not worth it?
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