How to combine scanned pages

When I scan a multiple page document I end up with multiple individual scans. What i want is one multiple page document.
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  1. I can only try to tell what I normally do in your situation.

    Load the scanned image/page into windows paint. Copy it and paste it in MS Office Word. Hope u do have it.
    Now repeat that for every page. Off course you have to put a page break at end of each page to get the next page.

    If the scanned image/page is larger than the standard MS Office Word page, then you can do 1 or both of the following:
    1. Resize the image/page in Win Paint and / or
    2. Adjust the margins in MS Office Word to Narrow margins

    Depending on which version of MS Office(assuming you have it) you can then save it as a .pdf file.

    Normally I don't use Paint I use PhotoFiltre which you can get from this link and it is freeware. Very easy to use.

    And in case you dont have MS Office you can always try Apache Open Office(Freeware) which you can download here.

    Hope this helps.

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