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I'm sure that there have been many threads on overclocking this Bulldozer CPU before.

I will be getting an AMD FX 4100 for my new budget build later this year. I know that it is a very good overclocker, even on stock cooling.

I have just a few questions about it.

1. I want to overclock by *only* raising the CPU Ratio to the desired GHz. I do not want to mess around with anything else like voltage, etc. As I do not feel comfortable doing this. How far have some people gotten with the AMD FX 4100 on stock cooling by just raising the CPU Ratio?

2. What kind of performance gains can I expect from overclocking the AMD FX 4100?

3. Finally, if I cannot boot into Windows (basically I've overclocked too much), can I simply go back into the BIOS and bring down the CPU Ratio back to when it was last stable, and then it should boot?

Would appreciate all educated answers.

Thank you.

// Vallataa.
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  1. 1. not very far without good aftermarket cooling

    2.depends on how far, and what your'e doing

  2. I've seen a view review sites hit ~4.6ghz on the stock cooler when they first reviewed the fx-4100.

  3. ^with adequate cooling, there is no way to hit that high on stock cooling
  4. They used the stock cooler, with the mobo sitting on a table.

    Now I'm not saying he should try for 4.6 but doesn't mean he can't oc with the stock cooler (obviously).
  5. I've got a FX-6100 OC'd to 4.0GHz on stock cooler, not sure I'd push much further though, I would assume the same for the 4100
  6. Reviving an old thread just a bit, but wanted to comment from experience.

    I have my 4100 oc'd to 4.3ghz on stock voltage, stock cooler and it rarely goes above 40C. I mostly game, but do some video editing as well in Vegas 11. I haven't pushed it any farther yet as I haven't really needed to.

    Despite the constant AMD BD bashing my experience with the 4100 has been really pleasant. Easy to oc, stable, cool and runs really well.

    As for your second question, the performance increase from oc'ing isn't that much. I notice more of an increase when oc'ing the gpu. But again, most of my time is spent gaming so that's where my focus is as well.

    Good luck.

    Oh yea, be sure to turn off turbo in bios.
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