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i am experiencing an issue on win xp where the shift button is always pressed as well as the left arrow, making life difficult. i´m typing using the screen keyboard, even this is tough. tried sticky keys and screen keyboard still no solution. any help would be greatly appreciated. only plays up if i press a key from the bottom bar (vbnm) or the left or down arrow.

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  1. I found that if you hold down both left and right shift key at the same time (did this for several seconds), it somehow solved the problem. Hopefully that fixed the issue. Also, go to control panel, click on accessibility the keyboard tab, click on the settings buttons for sticky keys, filter keys and toggle keys and deselect the option to use shortcut..hopefully this will help you and other people that have had this problem.
  2. i tried this but i persists. very weird. thanks for the suggestion tho :)
  3. so, now the problem has changed a little, i can use all but the "bnm-" keys without an issue, shift key seems to have lifted (but rather spontaneously) but i have no function of the left arrow key or the left shift button. i love logical machines
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