Corsair AF120 Fans

I just wanted to know if anyone has tried these fans out?

Also does anyone have any suggestions for a good and quiet(15-21db) 120mm fan? Would prefer one w/o the disco lights. :D

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  1. Haven't tried the AF120's.

    Good 120mm fans I've used are

    Enermax TB's and Clusters

    Scythe Slipstream

    Yate Loons

    Just trying some Aerocool Sharks atm, push a lot of air around and pretty quiet.

    Noctua make great fans but I don't use them as they look like poop.

    Depends how much airflow you need also, high airflow, bit louder, or do you need deadly silence?
  2. Noctua fans are nice but wished they came in regular black or other colors other than brown.
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