Advice on Graphics Card

This is my PCs config.

Processor - AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Quad core 3.2GHz
RAM - 2GB DDR3 1333Mhz RAM
HDD - 1TB Seagate Barracuda 7200.12
Cabinet - XTech mid tower cabinet
CoolerMaster 120mm Green LED power fan + CoolerMaster 2000rpm chasis fan
Monitor - LCD monitor with 1080p capability.

I was wondering which would be the best graphics card for my system? I am willing to spend 100$-110$ on it.

I mostly use my system for gaming and watching HD videos.
I dont mind either if its geforce or raedon.

Also i was planning on a 1gb card. is that fine or should i just buy a faster GPU but with lesser memory.

Oh and would like it if there was SLI/Crossfire capability in the card.

Any help you could give would will be appereciated.
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  1. go for radeon 5750 or gts 250
  2. mfarrukh said:
    go for radeon 5750 or gts 250

    Thanx for the info but the cards that you mentioned are all pretty pricey. as i mentioned before i can only spend around 100$ to 110$. (I checked the prices in
  3. There are several GTS 250s (at 512 mb) within your price range. Just checked newegg myself. I'm sure some other sites will get you a 1GB 250 for around $120. That would be your best bet given your budget.

    Moving below that price range a tad, you could also go for a GeForce 9800 GT or a Radeon 4830.

    For the price you want to pay, it'll be hard to find a decent card with the things you want.
  4. Wait and save up some more money. The cards in that price range are quite lacking for the resolution you are talking about. Saving up for an HD5770 would be my recommendation.
  5. Ok. I also wanted to know which would be better - a card with 1gb memory or a 512mb card which is faster than the other card.
  6. For 1920x1080 a 1gb card is better.
  7. ok i decided on HD 4770 or HD 5750. I think they cost around the same near my place (India). so which do you guys think is better?
  8. The HD5750 is more powerful, DX11 compatible and supports 3 monitors so that's an easy choice if they are the same price.
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