Data HDD not recognized by Win7 after upgrade

I previously had an 80gb IDE and 200GB IDE drive and a 1TB Hitachi SATA drive running XP. I decided to upgrade to Win7 and at the same time replace the old IDE drives with a WD Black 750GB Sata 3. I put all my data on the Hitachi 1TB, installed Win7 on the WD, it seems fine, but My Computer won't recognize the Hitachi with all my backed up data. Device Mgr sees it, BIOS sees it, the WD HDD support software sees it, but I can't access it. I removed the drive via Device Manager, rebooted and again it was correctly identified by Windows and installed, but still not visible in My Computer. What am I missing? I did use a SATA 3 cable on the Hitachi (its a Sata 2), but I thought that was ok to do. Anything else I could have missed? Thanks for any help.
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  1. Hi mjcarson, not sure what to suggest beyond the obvious, try with a sata2 cable and see if drive still not recognized.

    Have you a friend to take hdd round a see if recognized on their pc, not a adequate solution, but at least would confirm that its your setup and not drive at fault.

    When you transferred your data to Hitachi, did you format before, i ask because if drive still has OS ( XP ) on it this may be the reason for it not being recognized in windows when a boot/OS drive is already present; and especially if XP setup was IDE, while Windows 7 setup is using AHCI?

    Clutching at straws i know, but cable seems to me to be likely culprit, along with the drive access mode, IDE or AHCI; happy to be proved wrong though:-)

    Hope this has helped to narrow down the possible causes of your problem, lets us know how you get on and good luck :-)
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