How to reboot a dell computer in safe mode

My husband had to clean the board and unplug the internal connection (Dell computer) well, now it says "no boot device available, strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for s et up utility (we used to do that and I think there was a key we had to hold while holding the control key, if I recall it correctly it had to be done fast, but we haven't done that for 4 years or so, I just can't remember how to do it. Thank you

(do you offer tech support on line?)
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  1. The hard drive is not being recognized, check the ard drive connections If it is sata, make sure it is in plug 1, as long as your'e in there reseat the memory chips and other cards. Cross your fingers and power up. good luck.
  2. The error message you are getting indicates that the HDD is not being detected, so it is failing before safe mode even becomes an option.

    Your husband apparently forgot to reconnect the HDD to the motherboard or possibly damaged something. He, or you, will need to open it back up and make sure that the cable from the HDD is connected to the motherboard like it should be.
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