What do you guys use to monitor your temps, usage etc in game?


Just wondering what you OC enthusiasts here use to monitor your CPU/GPU temps, usage, fps etc in-game?

The best way I have found to get these in an OSD so far is using RivaTuner with RealTemp and/or MSI Afterburner but to get RT working on my system (with GTX 580) it seems I will have to edit a .cfg file to get driver compatibility. Or something.

There's also the fact that the latest version of RT is like 3 years old so surely there is something better by now, right?

A free app that does all of this would be awesome.

Anyone have a good solution?

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  1. Yeah Aida is good but can it's OSD be used in-game without the need for RivaTuner?

    Haven't figured out how to do that yet :/

    Thanks for the reply.
  2. I use MSI Afterburner because it's a nice utility and has the RivaTuner On-Screen Display built in. I run HWINFO64 simultaneously and have it forwarding things like CPU Usage and Temps to the OSD.
  3. @henydiah - aida64 is probably the simplest solution but as a trial it's not fully functional (by that I mean there is an annoying trial status reminder in the OSD). I would consider purchasing but if there are other methods that are freeware I think I'll go with them out of principle. Heaps of features tho!

    @Xenturion - Afterburner is dead easy to use with RivaTuner Statistics Server but I'm yet to completely figure out HWINFO64 so at the moment I'm trying to get RealTemp to do the same job.

    Anyway thanks for your help guys, if I come across any other issues I'll get back to you

  4. GPU temps: GPU-Z
    All temps: EVEREST Ultimate
    FPS in games: Fraps
  5. Right now I'm using MSI Afterburner for the GPU usage and temps, HWiNFO64 for CPU stuff and RivaTuner SS for the OSD. Seems to be doing everything I need.

    Just have a concern about HWiNFO64 because when I get the sensors going there is a tick-tock sound come from the machine. I take it that this is simply the sound of all the sensors refreshing every second or so but is it possible to wear the system down with prolonged use?

    Sounds a bit unnatural to me.

    What do you guys think?
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