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Greetings Community,
I'm planning on replacing my current 8800 GTS (512MB) with a newer card. Not just for performance, but for the number of outputs. I currently only have dual monitors, but I have four monitors that I can use. Both the 5770 and the 4890 have four display outputs.

Is it worth giving up some power and buying the the 5770 over the 4890 just for DX11 and Eyefinity?

Thanks all,

P.S. For usage, I tend to play a lot of more recent FPS's (A lot of Crysis in fact). I also do a great deal of video editing work.
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  1. My sapphire hd 4890 has only two!!!I don't how many display units a 5770 will have but I am sure it will have at least two...go for a 5770 ,its better but not much better than 4890...by the way 4890 beats 5770 in almost all the dx10 games only by a small margin..still the low power consumption and full dx11 capability makes it a better choice
  2. If you are planning on DX11 go HD5770 the HD4890 is upto 20% more powerful though.
  3. You have been misinformed. The HD4890 can use two monitors and the HD5770 can use 3.
    Supposedly the HD5xxx cards with 6 monitor support should be out sometime in the next few months. There hasn't been much info on them though. It's possible only the high end cards will have versions with 6 monitor support. If your motherboard has 2 PCIE x16 slots your best bet may be to get a lower end card to run 2 more monitors.
  4. alert ! the current 5700 and 5800 cards have 2 dvi + hdmi + DP , but you cannot use all , u can use 3 max like :-

    first dvi + (second dvi OR hdmi) + display port.

    if ure running 2560x1600 on display port , but monitor does not have DP input , u need an active dp-dvi adapter , costs 100$ . not needed for 1920x1200 and lower resolutions . i hope this helps before u commit the dough !
  5. u need to wait for the 6 mini-DP port versions to come up , or do a 4850x2 ... for 239 dollars ... i would suggest waiting for the 6 DP versions ... passive mini-DP to dvi adapters are not costly (if ure not using 25x16)... around 20$ max , and the 5700 series would consume really less power .
  6. The 4890 is significantly faster than the 5770....but i think your gonna need to XFire of SLI (2 250's ?) to do what you want unless you get a card like this:



    Here's the "winners" from THG's latest (December) GFX Roundup
    Best Graphics Cards For The Money: December '09

    $50 - HD 4650
    $65 - HD 4670 / 9600 GSO
    $85 - 9600 GT
    $95 - 9600 GT / HD 4830
    $110 - GTS 250 512 MB
    $120 - GTS 250 1 GB
    $155 - HD 5770 / GTX 260
    $200 - HD 4890
    $240 - 2 x GTS 250
    $310 - No winner (HD 5850 Honorable Mention)
    $330 - 2 x GTX 260 / 2 x HD 5770
    $400 - 2 x HD 4890
    $410 - No winner (HD 5870 Honorable Mention)
    $465 - No winner (GTX 295 Honorable Mention)
    $625 - No winner (HD 5970 Honorable Mention)
  7. JackNaylorPE beat me to it...the 4850x2 is the only current card to support 4 displays from one card. Anything else you will have to have two cards, and keep in mind you cannot enable sli/crossfire and still have outputs on both cards, so you will loose all the benefits of dual cards except 4 monitor support.
  8. HD4890 is significantly better at stock and HD5770 will be completely wiped out when both are OCed due to HD5770 being extremely bandwidth bottle necked.
  9. Did you even read the OP? He already has 4 monitors.
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