How do I find driver for my camera

hi, I have a logitech cam for laptop.
I lost the driver and I do not know the exact model.

Is there away to find the model and a driver?

Please please help...
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  1. Your Logitech webcam may have the model # listed somewhere on the camera itself. Also, if the proper model # is not showing up in the Device Manager, you may have to hit Logitech's website and browse their support--->drivers page. They generally have a picture of each webcam, but be warned that many of their models look exactly the same. If that doesn't work, contact their tech support, they may have a workaround.
  2. I found the product modelon a sticker whiche placed on the USB cable.

    But I can not find the driver on the internet.

    Can you please help and tell me from where to download it?

    The model is:

    Logitech QuickCam for Notebooks Pro: V-UJ15

    I could not find the driver version on logitech website.
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