CPU Runnin hot.


I bought a Phenom II X2 550, but I'm a bit worried. I run it at stock settings, no overclocking or unlocking what so ever.
And it keeps being too warm for my liking, the CPU is at 40°C at standby, and goes easily up to 60°C if i run a bit more complex things (Spring for example)
The case stays cool got a Lian li case and everything is peachy and cool except the CPU temp. goes up. It is true that I still have to stock CPU cooler, but I still am a bit worried that my CPU might be from an even worse batch.

And opinions?
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  1. Shouldnt go over 65 full load most average around 30 idle and mid 50s full load do you have proper air flow in your case.

    1 air intake bottom front
    2 exhaust fan below the PSU
    3 and some have fans on side case panel not as important as the first two
  2. I have 40°C core CPU temp on idle.

    And just to make it clear I have a Lian Li Armoursuit case, the air flow is more then enough ^w^ A little more and it could fly. PSU uses bottom fan (And is cool filters are always clean) Front fan runs (filters always clean) Top fans runnins smoothly, The temp inside the case never goes over 30°C when on load It is just my CPU that heats up.
    Also all the cables are stored neatly and run through a seperate compartment that my case provides so the airflow is completely unhindered.
  3. dont be worried man because i have that same processor and same conditions, stock heatsink,no overclock etc. and it runs sometimes 42c idle but average is 40c and under load it reaches like 60c and i have a lot of case cooling!!!!!!!!! how much case fans do u have? Cause if u dont have enough the hot air will remain in the case and cause this.
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