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I am using windows xp-32 bit SP2. Recently i learned about overclocking in some article. In a curiosity , i just entered into mother board setup(by pressing F2 on bootup) and increased the RAM Memory Frequency from default 533 Mhz to 667 Mhz. At once i saved settings and restarted, My system gave three beep sound and my monitor never came up. My system has crashed entirely. I even put my RAM in another slot available, but of no USE !. what should i do to get my system back. Please give me a solution friends....
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  1. Unplug power from the computer.
    Take the cmos battery out for a few minute then put it back it.
    Plug it the power, then start the computer. That should reset the cmos.
  2. Try entering in the bios at the start up, then return the ram frequencies to the old values.
  3. Thanks for your reply friend :) I tried, but it didnt work for me . My dad approached a service centre, and they say my RAM is gone :( Is that such a serious mistake what i did?? what could have caused and is there no other way to get back my system without changing my RAM ? please give me some idea about it :)
  4. Thanks for your reply friend :) But , i guess i didnt make you clear about my problem .. My system never turned on, so that i could make changes as you mentioned..Please suggest me some other idea :)
  5. Usually when you rise the ram frequency you also have to apply some extra voltage to make it work at a higher speed. In case of ram related boot issue, rgd1101 gave you the correct procedure -- if you have followed that, and it didn´t work, then you may need to get a brand new ram kit.

    However without knowing what your config is, it is difficult to tell you. So please post here your hardware configuration, thank you!
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