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Hello, I seem to be having some issues with my RAID array and would like some diagnosis on what the problem could be. Please help.

I run the OS (Windows 7 64bit Ultimate) off of a 64 GB Sata 2, and the RAID 0 Runs Sata 3

Ever since i bought 2 WD Caviar Black 1TB 7200 RPM drives, and placed Them in RAID 0 I had started to notice that after using them for a while, they began to stutter and freeze while doing any sort of gaming. I have even had episodes where the drives would freeze and disconnect completely, and not be recognized by windows, i would then have to restart for the drives to be seen again. I searched for a solution, but found none, the problem seemed to disappear after a while. Then, me being a hard gamer, i have decided to record some game plays with FRAPS. So i set it up and began recording to my RAID 0 array, the whole game and recording would freeze on occasion for 10 seconds at a time, and on playback of the videos it shows the video stopping for 30 seconds at a time and the music i was playing would also freeze or skip during this time. this is starting to become frustrating because i cant record anything, and am wondering what is happening!

Thank you allot for taking the time to read my issue and i am looking forward to hearing some solutions. :cry:
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  1. Sounds like one of the drives is failing. When this freezing happens do you hear a click or your harddrives making some sort of sound?
  2. No, none of that, the hard drives are fine in that sense. and if one of the drives is failing, wouldn't it not be able to recover and fail all together?
  3. It would fail all together but when a drive is about to fail you can have freezing such as that. It might also be your memory is bad. I would test both your HDs using a program called HDAT2 or Vivard to repair or see if theres any bad sectors on the drives. Then i would check out your ram using memtest86+ to see if your ram is bad.
  4. Well it seems that i cannot get either of the hard drive testers a go? the HDAT2 will not boot from a CD, and VIVARD is old and i cannot get it to work either. and i did memtest, there are no bugs or problems... any other solutions?
  5. Download the WD HD diagnostics. (can be run from CD and USB)

    test the drives one by 1.

    it could be bad sectors. but very important to backup you data on the raid array.

    if one needs to be replaced you need to break the array and re-create it
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