New Core i7 build under $2000, any recommendations?

Hey guys after days of searching for a job (i'm 17) i finally got an interview and my training starts the first monday of the new year, so guess what that means, i get to start buying parts for my new/first build!! :D

So i've just joined the site today and i wanted your guys help and recommendations on parts for the i7 build i want to make, here is what i have in mind so far, no case included tho since i already bought the HAF 932 with pure change i saved up for 2 years and i finally saw a good use for it, also got it for $100 at my local COMP USA on black friday, lucky me. (Still wish i had the money for the build in late summer, prices were super low back then)
So if you guys see anything that could be replaced by something better staying under the $2000 limit let me know i'm open to any suggestions

Remember the limit is $2000, so on to the parts:


Core i7 920-$290

CPU Cooler

Xigmatek Dark Knight $38 (I might do some mild overclocking so in my opinion this will do)

Motherboard(s) (cant decide!)

EVGA TRI SLI X58- $270

ASUS P6T V2 Deluxe x58- $290


OCZ XPM 6GB 1600 $180


Corsair 850TX $140 (they currently have this PSU at my local compusa for $120)


WD Caviar Black 500gb $70(I want the 640gb but they are always sold out at newegg)


LG 23" 2ms 1080p $220

Optical Drive

LITE-ON 24x $34


don't know, for sure i want a backlit one but not too pricey or overkill like the G19 lol


same as keyboard dont know which one but for sure i want extra buttons, 5 buttons would be perfect cus i think more than that is overkill, plus i dont want an expensive mouse either like the high end RAZER models or the Logitech G9, unless you guys think its worth it let me know, cus i could be saving some cash and using it on the video card instead, same goes for keyboard about the cash


again same as the mouse and keyboard, i want a subwoofer so i can feel the bass in my music and games but i dont want to pay too much, 20 watts minimum, i also want soemthing with good ratings like the other parts i've chosen so far, although the X540 by logitech seems to be a popular buy since its a surround sound system for $90 with 70 watts, i dont know if the wattage is overkill and if i'll ever raise it that high, cus i had i a bass with a 16 watt amp and that was pretty loud when turned up all the way it would even make my walls shake and my mom would complain


Windows 7 duh lol, $140


I was planning on getting a GTX 285 and buying a second one later on down the road once prices went down for SLI, but now the new HD5870 is out and wow that thing is a monster! a lot cheaper than the gtx 295, but dont know if i should wait for the new 300 series since the video card will be the last thing i will be buying so that way i dont waist my money now and regret it because either something better came out or prices dropped, and plus this build is gonna take me like 4 months on average so i think the 300 series will be out by then, since i am gonna be working a part time job so my cash income wont be high enough to get this build done in a month or 2, so please guys help me spend my cash wisely, thanks
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  1. I'd go with the ASUS PT6, mainly because of the on board SSD with a version of Linux on it (supposed to boot in like 10

    seconds). If you are considering the EVGA its a great choice too, but I wouldn't let the tri-sli feature sway me much. Too

    many problems I hear about with multi-card configurations. Also the asus board supports DDR3 ram to run at 2000mhz

    overclocked and the EVGA board supports 1600mhz, not much difference but something to consider. For a video card I'd

    say either a HD 5850 or maby a gtx260/gtx275. For a mouse I have a razer lachesis and I'm impressed with it, if it's too

    expensive for your taste I'd also recommend the OCZ Behemoth.

    They're sold out on newegg but you may be able to find it somewhere else. Everything else looks good, should be a great

    rig, have fun with it.

    Hope this helps :)
  2. I am in league with TheRealUyi on the Video Card issue. The 5000 Series ATI Family is built with Direct X 11.0 support. The current NVIDIA line up is deficient in this category of Direct X 11 compatibility and a number of technological aspects that they are essentially sitting on their hands about. Google Nvidia Fermi for more info on this.

    If you're looking to get the best bang for your buck out of your system, and approach the bleeding edge, I'd go with that 5850 recommended by TRU.

    Here is a link to a nice review of the 5850:
  3. For hard drive, I'd recommend the Samsung Spinpoint F3 500 GB drive. It uses a single 500 GB platter for superior areal density (and thus superior speed) than the two 250 GB platters used in the Western Digital you've picked. It's $55 on newegg.
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