GeForce 6150SE nForce 430, Samsung P2570HD, resolution problem

I've connected a new monitor (Samsung SyncMaster P2570HD) via analog PC cable (there is no DVI out from the PC) to my HP Pavilion a6142n desktop computer, using the integral Nvidia Ge Force 6150SE nForce 430 graphic chip. This PC runs 32-bit Vista. Using the Nvidia's control panel, I sought the monitor's max resolution (1920X1080) but it was not in the list of offered resolutions. I then attempted to create a custom resolution of 1920X1080, but it was rejected by the Nvidia software as "not supported by your display."

I updated Nvidia and Samsung drivers, rebooted, and then tried 1920X1080 again with the same result. What could be going on?

Does the Nvidia chipset even support 1920X1080?
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  1. Update:
    I also submitted this query to HP support. They wrote back within a few hours (!) with the following:
    "...the resolution that you are trying to set is not supported by the system and that is the reason why you were unable to set the resolution of 1920X1080. The maximum resolution that is supported by the system is 1600X1200."
    So, I guess I'm SOL for obtaining this resolution w/o a new video card. I'm not a gamer, and don't need better graphics, so this is a little disappointing.
  2. I have a mother board with the following integrated graphics:
    geforce 6150se nforce 430

    I first attached SyncMaster T260HD that has a maximum resolution of 1920x1200. On right-clicking (WinXP) display, I was getting a max resolution option of 1920x1080 in dialog box.

    I installed monitor (Samsung T260HD driver). Still Windows XP Display dialog box showed max resolution of 1920x1080.

    I right-clicked and chose nVidea control pannel. The nVidea Control Panel was showing 1920x1200 (native) resolution. I chose it and it worked. Now my Windows XP display is also showing 1920x1200 resolution.

    I am not sure, but I think you should look for your monitor driver at Samsung support site. If there is one, then install it, and reboot. Then go to nVidea Control Panel and see if the resolution is showing there.
  3. Thanks, LT2011. I've already re-purposed the monitor somewhere else but I'll try to keep that potential fix in mind if I change the equipment back.
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