XMP profile 1 defaulted to DRAM 1.9v?

Hello everyone,

New member, just completed 1st computer build. Never o.c'd but would like to learn. My first step after much reading and research was to enable the XMP profile in my BIOS. Only 1 profile was available - selected it. Computer boots just fine. Open CPU-Z and Turbo V and it shows my DRAM voltage at 1.9v. Here are a few of the other settings:


BCLK 134
CPU Volt 1.22500
DRAM Bus Volt 1.9
QPI/DRAM Core Volt 1.375

All 12 gb of ram are running at 1603.09.

I emailed GSKILL support and they said the 1.9 could damage components - set it to 1.5v.

Why would the profile default to 1.9V? I thought the profile was read off the RAM sticks?

Thanks for your help!
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  1. What are the SPD tables for your modules and, in particular, the XMP (or EPP) profile?
  2. Here is a screen print. My BIOS XMP profile says 1.6 for DRAM Bus voltage. I think maybe Turbo V is giving wrong information?? What do you think?

  3. What does the BIOS indicate? 1.6V or 1.9V?
  4. BIOS shows 1.6v. I manually changed it to 1.5v and now Turbo V reads 1.5v with everything else remaining the same (see screen shot in earlier post). Do you think Turbo is giving wrong data?

  5. I usually don't rely on software to read the voltage.
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