Old PSU and PCIe 2.0 question...

I recently built a new system consisting of the following...

Intel i7 920
Corsair DOMINATOR ddr3 1600Mhz 6gigs
Asus p6x58D
WD 1TB 7200rom hdd
ATI Radeon 5870 Sapphire
Thermaltake Toughpower W0133RU

The W0133RU was designed mid 2007, well before PCIe 2.0 was released. I know the 1200W is well overkill for my PC but i plan on doing crossfire soon and get some more HDDs as well, so just to be safe. But my question is in regards to it's support to PCIe 2.0. I've read reviews about the different power specs of PCIe 2.0 and it doesn't seem to support the newer standard.
The Psu has four independent and dedicated +12V rails, But it only packs 3x 8pin PCIe connectors. I'm really not familiar with how the different rails work, but what my question is....

Is this PSU safe to use with the newer PCIe 2.0 gfx cards? And in the event I go x-fire, would the molex-to-8pin PCIe adapters be sufficient to use on a 5870?

Here is a link to the PSU...

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  1. Sure. Compatability issues occur more often between the motherboard and ps. If your video cards are stable with your old ps, then run with it. Can't answer your question about the 8 pin adapters and x-fire.
  2. if the psu has pci-e connectors why do you need molex adapters???
  3. The PSU has three 8 pin PCI connectors and three 6 pin connectors. You use one of each with a 5870.
  4. No no no.. 5870s require 2x 6 pin power connectors, not 8 pin. My concern is when i go x-fire, would the molex-to-6pin power connector be suffencient to properly sustain a 5870? And are there different power specs between PCIe 1.0 and PCIe 2.0 that I need to be aware of when using this 2+yo PSU?
  5. are the 8-pin plugs actually 6+2 with the 2 removable
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