Can i overclock my hd6850

I am sorta new to overclocking and i was wondering if it would be safe to overclock my HD6850. My rig is below.

PSU: Corsair Builder Series CX430
GPU: Sapphire HD6850
CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965
Mobo: Asus M5a97
RAM: G-Skill RipJawz x 8gb
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    yeah, you can OC you're 6850. You can use CCC or I like to use MSI afterburner. Since your new to OC'ing stick with stock voltages, generally all graphic cards can obtain good OC's with stock voltages.
  2. Couldn't have said it better myself! Also realize that you should only do it if you see the need. Are you playing something that is on that choppy verge that a few fps would help you out? If you're totally fine, there no point. But if you are looking for better performance, by all means do some research and push it as far as it lets you...
  3. I have a sapphire 6850 and I'm also wondering the same question. I'm new to overclocking as well and i heard you can push it to a 6870's stock performance level. Is it a good ideal to overclock 2 6850s to be like 6870s for crossfire mode?
  4. It would work and would be fine as long as both cards could reach the same mutual speed.

    Every cards overclocks differently, so you would need to overclock each card separately as high as they can go. Then you will have to take the card with the lower clock and use that same overclock on the other card so you have the same stable overcklock on both cards.

    Of course you should always have one card be faster than the other...but that won't show much performance in crease as the cards have to work in sync in they are sli'd or crossfired.
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  6. I'm using AMD Catalyst Control Center v13.12 and the AMD OverDrive page limits the GPU clock setting from 600 to 850 (default is 775MHz). It also limits the memory clock setting from 1000 to 1200 (default is 1000Mhz). Is 850MHz the highest that this HD 6850 card can go? How did the thread starter achieve 875?

    I found that I could easily overclock to 850MHz/1150MHz without any crashes and temperature maxed at 71 °C which is OK for my micro-ATX casing. Going above 1160MHz will cause screen black out so I found the limit to memory clock setting. But I want to try adjusting GPU clock setting higher than 850MHz ...... can't do it on AMD Catalyst Control Center and AMD OverDrive?

    Just a dumb question: If this HD 6850 card can work "normally" at 850/1150, then why did the manufacturer sell it at 775/1000? Makes no sense considering that at idle the clock will throttle down to 100-300MHz and generate no extra heat if no playing heavy games. I just found it incredible that it could easily go to 850/1150 without additional cooling measures, which I don't have. My casing has a front 120mm fan and rear 92mm fan to keep the airflow going.

    This card idles at 51-55 °C. Is this correct? Sorry for the many questions, I recently bought this card second-hand and very excited about it's overclocking.
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