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Hello all, I wasn't sure where to ask this. Whether in the motherboard section or here but seeing as it isn't a problem with a motherboard I'll try here. Anyways I'm not sure which motherboard to pick between 2 AM2+ Gigabyte boards. They are the GA-MA78LM-S2( and the GA-MA785GM-US2H(

My X2 240 is on its way and I need a new motherboard to put it in since I am coming off a prebuilt Compaq. I'm using my old parts from the Compaq that i upgraded and a couple stock parts (2GB A-Data DDR2 800, XFX 8800GS, 400W Sparkle PSU, Samsung 250GB HDD I believe and the DVD burner). The computer will be used basically for gaming (1920x1080) but all I play are Source games(TF2) which is why I decided to upgrade the CPU since my X2 3800+ isn't cutting it in L4D2 and won't for BC2 which I plan on buying. The only advantage I notice in the 785 is the 2 extra ram slots since I have no use for the HDMI or better intergrated graphics. But there may be something I don't know that is worth the extra $15 or so or if that can be used to get something else like maybe an aftermarket cooler or something(my case is an NZXT Gamma). Anyways I'd appreciate any help in sorting this out. Thank You.
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  1. the GA-MA785GM-US2H model is much newer
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