601mhz core2duo wtf???

why is it that in speedfan 4.40 in vista 64 home premium it shows cpu at 601 mhz but its obviously wrond cause it shows at about 1600mhz or 2000mhz. its a core2duo t5800 2ghz...?
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  1. Where do you see that in speedfan what does it say Found Intel(R) Core(T M)2 Duo CPU t5800 601 mhz is that what it says? Also to really check yyour speed its running at get CPU-Z from www.cpuid.com that will tell you waht its doing also it could be sped step so put the cpu under some load it should jump up to full speed.
  2. Intel step speed
  3. Bluescreendeath said:
    Intel step speed

    Intel Speed Step
  4. no. in cpuz(which i already have) it says either 1600mhz or 2000 depending on the load. in sppedfan, its under exotics>show the magic. last time it gave an outrageous 601mhz but this time its 444mhz. SPEEDFAN CRAP I THINK!?
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