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Hi all, I'm upgrading memory on dell e520 from 1gb to 4gb. I was thinking of buying 4x1gb KVR667D2N5 Kingston memory modules. Does anyone know if these will work in dell e520.
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  1. The KVR667D2N5 is not listed on the Kingston compatibility list for the Dimension E520. lists the two 800MHz CL5 Module below

    4 x KTD-DM8400C/1G $46 each at Kingston
    2 x KTD-DM8400C/2G $86 each at Kingston

    Welcome to brand name computers using special memory.

    However, if you can find out which MOBO is in the Dell, you might find other modules that might fit.

    Search the web for better prices
  2. all you have to do is open you case and check the sticker on of the the sticks of ram or check cpuid to see the max bandwidth. Most motherboards that comes with prebuild are *** and you can't realy upgrade that much
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