Phenom X6 1055T Stubborn

I have a Phenom X6 1055T I have been trying to overclock. I have this Motherboard

My problem is whenever I try to overclock it, my PC will not POST. It powers on and all my fans run, but nothing appears on the screen. I have to reset the CMOS to get it POST. I adjust the CPU frequency to overclock since the multiplier is locked. I have tried 250MHz, 230MHz, 225MHz and even 210MHz, (Default is 200MHz x 14 = 2.8GHz). I have a Corsair H60 WaterCooler, Corsair XMS3-DDR3 1333 RAM, and XFX Radeon HD 6970 2GB. I was wondering if it might be my RAM is overclocking to much. Default is 6.6 x whatever the CPU base frequency is. Should I drop that to 5.x or 4.x even? I really want to squeeze more performance out of my chip.
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  1. Also, it's Idle temp on a Corsair H60 is 30.5C is that normal?
  2. idle temperature is not important, but fulload used as a benchmark when the test temperature stability, and i can't see your mobo(your link is Bad) ... just for safely OC if raise FSB over 220 you must drop RAM ratio to 1066(500)
  3. So it had been my RAM that's been killing my OC?
  4. of course, because raise the FSB CPu , it will auto raise FSB the RAM ... that's can make ram higher speed and unstable
  5. I did what you said and dropped the RAM speed down, it posted and I thought it was gonna work fine, then I was informed that BOOTMGR IMAGE is Corrupted and Windows cannot boot. So I restarted the PC and it wouldn't post. Had to reset the CMOS again to get it POST and it booted fine after that.
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    i will show you my little oc in 1055T .. it really need drop of ram ratio

    and my cnq still enabled but .. look at FSB 272
    and this at 4ghz :
  7. What is the program you used to overclock it?
  8. no program just from bios
  9. Ahh gotcha. I'll drop the ram way down and report back.
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  11. I can't get it to play ball at all. I've dropped the VRAM, turned off turbo, C1E, Cool'n'Quiet, messed with voltages, changed NB and HT speed. I'm just giving up. Thanks for the help though.
  12. show me the last setting CPU-Z .. ( post your image CPU-Z )
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