How to format samsung J/L8028012788 fat32 500GB

How to format samsung J/L8028012788 fat32 500GB
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  1. fird_457 said:
    How to format samsung J/L8028012788 fat32 500GB

    back up your data on another drive.
    go to 'my computer', locate your hdd's drive letter. right click on the drive letter, from the right click drop down menu, choose 'format'. when format window comes up, select either quick format or leave it unchecked. wait for the format to complete.
    you can do the same thing from disk management window. type disk manager in the start menu search box to find the disk manager.
  2. tq
    alredy done it but not working and not finished overnight
  3. Why would you want fat32 on a 500gb hd? You would be severely limiting its capabilities by formating it that way. NTFS allows for files larger than 4gb on it and Fat32 only allows 4gig and under files.
  4. there is a tip from
    if the format is taking too long, you might want to scan the hdd with a hdd checking unitlity or a smart utility for problems.
  5. TQ mightymaxio and de5_roy
  6. Go to

    My Computer - right click and then locate 'Disk Managment' -- format (option)
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