How can i register my administrator account as owner also?

How can I register my account as owner and administrator with "Windows XP"?
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  1. Log in with system administrator id then go to my computer---> manage ----> user account then generate new user. The administrator copied all privileges automatically into new user.
  2. The system can only have one "Owner", as in the "Registered To:" field in XP. That does not really matter for anything unless you are using that entry in a script or something. If you want to change it, start regedit and do a search for the old name, replace it with the one you want to put there.

    The above post is not correct about user creation, when you create a new user, it does not get administrator rights, you have to add the account to the Administrators group manually. Be default a new user is only part of the "Users" group in the "Member Of" tab.
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