Anyone know what case this is ????

Like the title says i got my hands on a case and dont know what it is. IM thinking its an ANTEC but not sure. i need to find parts for it so any help would be appreciated.

the side panel i took has a see thru window that covers most of the side and a cool push-forward black button that takes off the panel.

the reason for this question is i need more of these tabs

id also like to find the real replacements pieces to cover where the floppy is and the real clip in fronts for where the optical drives go. all thats there now is some cut out plastic pieces that really dont fit.

ANy help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. It's an Antec SX1030B or SX1040B (depending on the original PSU). It might be difficult to get replacement parts for an older case like that, but parts from similar newer Antec cases might fit.
  2. At one time that case was fairly common. Antec and Channel Well both sold them. I believe they were/are made by this company:

    I have one with 3 - 5 1/4" bays,and another with 6 - 5 1/4" bays. Although they are light on coolness factor, they are very well made, easy to work with, and reasonably priced. I haven't seen a new one for sale in several years.
  3. lol i was gonna say antec...i have to be FASTER HERE dag nabbit!!!
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    Looks an awful lot like my Antec Performance PlusView 1000AMG

    except the 1000AMG is gunmetal not black
  5. It´s an ANTEC or a CHIEFTEC.

    Here you have the Chieftec:
  6. I saw the exact same pc at the local Goodwill store yesterday afternoon. I opened the side panel and took a look inside. It is an old pc. Unfortunately I don't recall seeing some sort of label with information about the case. :(

    EDIT - I'll stop by this afternoon and see if it's still there. If it is, I'll look for some sort of identifcation.

    EDIT #2 - The one I saw and the Chieftec and Antec cases others mentioned all appear to be the same case.
  7. There are two answers to this question. One is who actually made the case(UNEEC-Tiawan?), the other is how many different companies labeled it with their name and possibly installed their power supply(Antec, Channel Well, Chieftec, Chenming, or..........)

    Although I don't know this for sure, I believe the cases with exposed bays, and the similar ones with a door, both have the same metal work with different plastic front pieces. In case it matters, the cases with a door became available some years after the ones with open/exposed bays. The ones with exposed bays have the power switch and indicator lights in the lower plastic piece, the later ones have those items located above the lower plastic piece.
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