Please assist.. Dual Channel ram stated as Single Channel

Hi Guys,

I am running a 2X 8GB Ripjaw Trident X 2400GHZ ram(Kit) on my i7-3930K Asus P9X79 Mobo system..

I also did a X.M.P(Asus auto overclock) and system is running at 4.1GHZ and 2133GHZ DRAM speed now(I can't get 2400 working since it kept hanging my system)

My main problem here is, my ram on CPUZ actually states that it is running on single channel. Shouldn't it be dual channel?

Please help.

If there is anyone who can assist me to set my current system at the best possible settings in bios would be helpful too...
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  1. Opps.. I sorta solved it. Would appreciate for advice how to clock my DRAM and CPU to get the best results of what i have....
  2. Hello there, I'm having the same problem.

    CPUZ states that I'm running on single channel instead of dual channel.

    I'm currently using the Corsair Vengeance CMZ8GX3M2A11600C8.

    May I know how did you fix the issue?

    Thank you.
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