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Just got a new laptop with Windows 7. My old Laptop with Vista is wireless connected through Netgear DG834G router fine. When I try to connect to the internet with the new laptop it asks for a network security key which I input "correctly" but says "Windows was unable to connect to NETGEAR" Help!
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  1. Connect to the Netgear box and verify the key. Do you get any additional error message(s)?
  2. Best way is to hard wire to the netgear first to see if you have any connection problems and to make sure that your network card is enabled.
  3. Have connected to Netgear box by ethernet cable, still getting same message "Windows was unable to connect to NETGEAR" Troubleshoot problem doesn;t get anywhere either. Have reset router and password but still get same message. This laptop I am using works fine with NETGEAR and other laptop and iphone can connect with no problem. The problem is with my brand new laptop, Toshiba Satellite L770-13D, using Windows 7.
  4. Thanks for your help guys. I had to reset the router and then reinstall the software on the old computer. Works fine now.
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