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Thanks for taking the time to read and offer assistance with my thread. I'm looking to water cool my system. I use it for gaming, folding (big time ), and media conversion.

2600k @ 4.5 ghz to 5ghz Gtx 480 sli msi lightning edition 16gb lp vengeance ram 1600 Nzxt phantom black orange edition with xigmatek orange led fans

I need help with obtaining waterblocks, pumps, rad, tubing, etc for the two gpu cards and CPU. I got h100 but its loud and pretty hot when I clock the CPU at 4.5ghz plus. At 5ghz its just not stable due to heat. Looking for an external radiator as phantom only supports 240 internally which wouldn't be much better than the h100. The gpu fans get ridiculously loud when folding. So looking for a quiet but high performance solution.

Thanks again.
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  1. Are you looking for an easy solution...maybe a kit?
    Or are you thinking of going fully custom water cooling loop?

    Because in that case there is a lot of explaining needed to go through a full setup of completely separate parts for WC...

    Honestly, I recommend you read some guides and overviews (there are a bunch out there) and watch some youtube videos on this...read a bit...and read more...

    Basically do some research and come up with a list of things you would need.
    Also be ready to spend a nice sum of money.

    I know this doesn't answer too much,
    But I looked around and I doubt you will be able to find water cooling blocks for your 480s. They just don't have any for gtx480s anymore...

    You will need to get other more popular (preferably reference pcb cards) like 580s or 690s. Those cards have many different WC blocks selling for them...

    Also I recommend you take a look at Toms water colling sticky...if you haven't already...
  2. Budget?
  3. Thanks for your reply! Kit works well or individual parts budget around 500 usd. Just don't want to really get new cards but i realize they may not make full waterblocks for my card. :( lol
  4. They make universal blocks that fit. You just have to account for VRMs, RAM and MOSFET cooling that a normal full cover block would cool.

    I'd suggest reading through the watercooling sticky if you haven't already.
  5. Rubix is right...if you don't wanna change your gpus, you could always use the universal gpu blocks but you will probably have to put heatsinks on the ram, vrms and anything that needs cooling...

    I don't suggest using kits as they are lower quality...most of the time.
    I suggest you pick out the parts and construct the loop yourself.
  6. Most 'kits' are decent (check out the WC sticky for more specific info) but it ultimately depends on which one and what pump you choose. If you are looking at running GPUs with a 'kit' loop, you really are already looking at a custom loop setup. While there are a lot of people running XSPC X20 750 pumps in a multi-block loop, they'd be better served with a DDC or D5 pump with more flow and higher head pressure.

    I've used the same Swiftech MCW60's for at least 6 different card generations and only buying 1 bracket for each of my 2 blocks ($8 each) over the course of that time.

    I'm surprised no one has posted a build with an Iwaki (yet). :)
  7. Decided to go using custom parts with phobya external rad. Sorry guys really busy with work will post more info this weekend. Thanks again for the help and support ! Looking forward to this build.
  8. alright, sounds good...also post pics once you start getting the stuff together...
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