Gigabyte GA-790XTA-UD4 Bios start up time

I just recently bought a Gigabyte motherboard. A GA-790XTA-UD4. The question I want to ask is the motherboard boot time is roughly 15-16 seconds before it reaches the operating system boot. I have already removed the Gigabyte logo screen, it goes to post, then to sata discovery, it then states there are no devices, at which time immediately afterwards the operating system boots. This seems long to me, the board seems to be working right, I'm thinking the issue is bios set up. Anything I can do to spped it up. Seems like a waste having a ssd if it takes 16 seconds to get out of the motherboard bios.
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  1. Just a note my boot order is already set to hd,cd and floppy
  2. "then to sata discovery, it then states there are no devices"

    If you don't have any sata drives disable the controllers in Bios. computer is spending time looking for something that's not there.
  3. I did. Thanks. It was the esata I needed to disable.
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