New Desktop to be customized/bought online ~$3,000

I built my current box in early 01 (from dell). With minor upgrades here and there it's served me very well and actually still is. The only real disappointment to this point is I can not playback hd video, not to mention the lag time is getting pretty unbearable (from older components, no spyware, virus, etc. problems here).....

Anyway its time for a new system. My list of uses is...
-minimal (if at all) gaming... but who knows maybe I'll get into it
-storage space
-dual monitor support with available hdmi to connect to lcd tv as a 3rd monitor
-any component that will help maximize ISP bandwidth ie seperate nic?? (this I'm not too sure about if anything can be done but I do a lot of file hosting... mainly for myself to access)
-and the biggest requirement is FUTURE PROOFING because as you can see I don't upgrade that often (although I am capable I have gotten used to working with what I have)

This is what I am loosely considering so far......
-Need help on a case, not too big but will trade size for proper cooling
-1000-1200W psu
-Intel i7 2.6-3.2 cpu (probably won't be overclocking)
-some sort of x58mb, DDR3, expandable.....I need some help here
-at least 12GB RAM
-NVIDIA gtx285 1 or 2GB x2, open to options here
-64 - 128GB SSD for main HDD
-1.5-2TB storage HDD
-Blu-ray reader/write
-SD,MMC, etc card slot
-No monitor necessary
-No specific software needed
-All other perhipals mice, keyboard, cameras, etc will be purchased seprately as needed.

still deciding if I should get separte soundcard, physx card, nic, etc. I know most of it isn't worth it now but I'm thinking future proofing here....anything that will take stress off the mb as it begins to get outdated.

I was thinking about ordering this on Anyone ever had experience with them or know of another really customizable pc building site that is reputable? I don't really have the patience at the moment to actually build this myself. I don't want to deal with ordering all the parts seperatly, receiving them one at a time, dealing with backorders, getting everything together and realizing one component isn't compattible, etc and so on. I would just rather receive it all at once knowing it's good to go.

Any other thoughts, suggestions, or recommendations. Some places to save money and put it elsewhere? Thoughts about brands or components I should go with or stay away from? BTW my bugget is about $3g's after applicable rebates. After almost 10 years with the same rig I figure I can splurge.

time frame: about a month but in no rush
part websites: I'm open
country: usa
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  1. Quick response to a couple of the questions, I'll let people with more experience speccing systems comment on the specifics.

    1000W psu is probably overkill, unless you Crossfire/SLI 2 giant cards, which I don't think would be necessary for your uses. Going with an ATI Eyefinity-capable card might be more appropriate. I would imagine that ~650W should work fine.

    There is an existing (old, but reanimated) thread about cyberpowerpc, probably on page 2 or 3 of this forum. I have no experience with them, but I would say that if you're thinking of dropping that much money on a new system, either go with a well-known brand with a reputation for good customer support or build it yourself. No half-measures.
  2. Best answer
    Why do you want two GTX 285s? You dont play crysis so you dont need that much graphics power. They are large, overpriced, outdated, power sucking infernos.

    PhysX is neat if you mostly play one of the 11 PC games that support PhysX. Do you?

    Why do you need 12GB RAM (or more)? I didnt see anything you do that should require that much.

    I single NIC is going to be 10-100x faster than any ISP bandwidth to a residence.

    The best small cooling case I know of is the Antec 300 illusion
    You will need to stick with 10.5 inch or shorter graphics cards with this case (no 5870s or 5890s).

    Honestly for all of your criteria, a computer like
    Antec 300 Illusion ($65)
    i7 920 ($280)
    ASRock x58 extreme motherboard ($170)
    6GB (3x2GB) DDR3-1600 cas 7 RAM (~$150)
    ATI 5850 GPU (~$320) <you could easily get away with a 5770 ~$175>
    Corsair HX 650 modular PSU ($110)
    Good 120GB SSD for boot and main applications (~$450)
    WD Caviar Black 2TB HDD <500gb platters> ($300)

    would be perfect
  3. -What kind of software can you possible be running that would require 12GB of ram besides multi-tasking like 20 memory intensive programs at once?

    -You can buy a 1200watt PSU but you can power your house with it also...seriously a smaller PSU will do.

    -Give me specific applications you will be running on the computer...I MEAN SPECIFIC APPLICATIONS and your expectations for those applications, once i know this i can configure and tweak your computer to be optimized to suit your needs best.
  4. Let me give you guys and idea where I am coming from.....

    My original system I bought was a P4 1.8, 512 RAM, single 120GB (I think it's 5400rpm), and some nvidia 128MB video card. Since, I have gone from p4 1.8 to 2.0, 512 ram to 1 gig, added a usb 2.0 card and 4 port hub, changed to an ati x850 512 video card plus a second one to add a third monitor, I added a second internal 120GB hdd and 2 external hdd, and swapped the cd writer once or twice. And that is basically where I am at now. I got a mess of wires and I'm looking to condense a little bit. It was good system when I bought it and I have attempted to keep up with the times by doing minor upgrades but not spend much money.

    I realize that what I am looking at is overkill but ideally I'm going keep it another 7-8 years (maybe more). And I would rather spend the money now and get something that will last as opposed to upgrade another 2-3 times over that time span.

    As far programs, I don't do much. I have a dual monitor setup up with my tv as a third monitor. I like to watch movies (would like to be able to playback 1080p rips while browsing the web, moving files around, etc. without hiccups) and browse the web, have bit torrents running in the background. Maybe get into some light gaming or video capturing/recording. I also use quickbooks pretty frequently. Over the years have scaled back things I do because I know my system couldn't handle it as the requirements got heavier. So I will eventually get back into resource intensive apps if I know I can run it smoothly. Also, I work in the IT field so have a pretty good idea of what I'm doing but I'm not too up on the latest hardware. But I do wanna be prepared to be able to throw new programs and or games at my new box when they come along.

    I get it that this is overkill but like I originally said my biggest requirement is future proofing. And if 128megs of ram was enough 10 years ago and now system are coming standard with 3-4gigs, why not go for 12. Who knows what the next big thing is.

    I appreciate all the input and really am still leaning to a system the will be relevant 6-8 years from now.
  5. Ha, future proofing for 6-8 years?...impossible, you cant future proof for more then a 1-2 years as new tech comes very often, 6-8 years from, people will look at your rig and ask...what century is this old crappy metal box from?... 6-8 years from now these things will happen less then 32nm chips, SATA 12GB, usb 4.0...SLC SSD's coming in cheaper...10TB hard drives, 2TB+ platters, television will be 1080i or 1080p standard, Hi-Def will be like 2560x1600, and finally, a new president of the U.S will be elected. Your wishes are impossible, sorry.

    For your requirements and uses, 6GB of ram would be to much for you. Smarter thing right now, is get 6GB and in a couple of years when you need it you can upgrade to 12GB for $1....if its still around

    -an i5 would be more then enough for you, even 4GB would be fine for ya :)

    -You are spending hundreds of dollars for an outdated, power sucking monster video card and you wont even be gaming...? way, get a Radeon 5770 or something even cheaper so it supports DX11 and it will fine for whatever you need.

    -My suggestion is take your 3k divide it by 3 into 1k...spend 1k on a build now, another 1k for a build in 2-3 years and another 1k in build in 7-8 years, in the mean time, since the economy is bad, and stocks are cheap invest the 2k you will have left into buying cheap stocks and make some money for future builds. I am tell you this becuase your 3K+ build will be murdered by a 1k build 3 years from now so spend less but spread it out overtime, it will be much better for you.
  6. Ok, I appreciate the info. Maybe I am a little mis-guided. Or maybe I just got lucky and have been able to keep the one I have now for so long and have it still be kicking. Not to mention running better than almost everyone I know.

    If I may still ask.... I do have about $2,000 that can be expensed and I'm not going to see any money leftover (ie if I spend a grand, I won't be handed a grand to make up the rest).

    So according to what I have said so far, maybe you can suggest something in the $2,100-$2,200 ballpark that will be a solid rig and future proofed for as long as realistically possible. Keeping in mind that I would really prefer customizing this online (ie or similar) and only actually build piece by piece if absolutely necessary.

  7. 2,000 must include all your external accessories and hardware. Even though, i still think 2000 is to much for your uses. It will last a good 3-4 years and then you can get another rig :) Better spend money throughout the years then spend it all at once. Your rig is still kicking becuase you dont do anything on the computer, browsing the web, downloads, and watching movies isn't using a computer, thats just childs play. If you did something serious on a computer, then a more powerful one is a + but otherwise its wasted money(Read my Sig for my PC's specs, you think i bought it for browsing the web and watching videos?...i do Photoshop, on the fly video/audio file conversions, heavy multi-tasking, some gaming, and visual studio. However if you want to spend 2k, i'll be helpful and assist you assembling the parts you want :)

    For 2k, i'd get something like this:

    -Intel Core i7 860/920
    -ATI Radeon 5770
    -Intel X-25M G2 80/160GB MLC SSD
    -WD/Seagate 1TB HDD (however much you need)
    ^If you need data safety, get a nice raid controller and put them in raid 1
    -If you get the 860 get 8GB of ram and if you get the 920 get 6GB/12GB
    -Corsair/CM/Seasonic 550-700Watt PSU

    I think that should be around your budget filler if you add win7, a case, cooler, and monitor.
  8. Hey Chris, I think you and I are in the same boat. Here is my thread.
  9. Add a good monitor ~$300 and the system would be around $2000. Maybe bump the case up to an Antec 900, 902 or HAF 922 and the PSU up to a corsair 750TX or Antec TP750.

    dndhatcher said:
    a computer like
    Antec 300 Illusion ($65)
    i7 920 ($280)
    ASRock x58 extreme motherboard ($170)
    6GB (3x2GB) DDR3-1600 cas 7 RAM (~$150)
    ATI 5850 GPU (~$320) <you could easily get away with a 5770 ~$175>
    Corsair HX 650 modular PSU ($110)
    Good 120GB SSD for boot and main applications (~$450)
    WD Caviar Black 2TB HDD <500gb platters> ($300)

    would be perfect
  10. Hi chris1025,

    Have you build your system?
    I want to know how the build went.
    In the Asrock support (link) the Radeon 5770 is not listed as supported card for the Asrock x58 extereme.
  11. Haven't done it yet... My old system is still kicking. I'm in no rush. Thanks for the info.
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