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Mobo: GA-73PVM-S2H
GPU: Powercolor HD4890 (1GB)
CPU: Q9450 (stock speeds, never overclocked)
RAM: 4GB (2 sticks, Geil)
PSU: OCZ Stealthxtreme 600W (had it for about 2 years)
Case: Coolermaster CM-690

If it makes a difference, had a temperature issue where everything idled at around 50c, CPU and GPU are about 3 months old, RAM is about 6 months old and motherboard about 5 months.

Okay, I'll firstly give the basic rundown of this issue.

For a few weeks now my PC has randomly been restarting itself. It would be at completely random intervals, sometimes in the space of half hour, sometimes after a few hours, or some days not at all. At first I figured it was a power supply issue, naturally. However everytime it restarted, as soon as the screen went blank the hard drive would 'click' (I assume it's the arm skipping) which led me to believe it was a hard drive issue. Now, a few days ago I knocked my PC and it restarted. So I gave it a shake, and it restarted it again. I then assumed that it must be down to a faulty connection, given that the movement caused it to restart.
Now last night everything worked perfectly. I shut down as normal through Windows and left it overnight. Came to it this morning, turned it on, and everything started up (seemingly) fine. However, it would not display anything on the monitor at all.

I'm not exactly a newbie with computers, I've built two systems and maintained them for over two years now. So given that there was no display, I gathered that it may be a busted video card (even though the fan powered up on startup, like a jet engine, as always) so luckily I had my spare HD4770 lying around. So I stuck that in and... same issue. However, now it sort of cycles the startup before actually starting up (I power on, the hard drive clicks, the graphics fan spins, and then this repeats about 5 times before it settles and boots) there's then a a small beep, and about 6 seconds later another small beep (Award BIOS). My G11 keyboard lights up about 40 secs later, and to my knowledge that only happens once Windows loads (it's never lit up before getting past the Windows load up). However, I have no display, so can't say for sure. One thing I haven't tried is taking the graphics cards out completely and trying to use the onboard, which I'll give a go tomorrow and update.

Now, I'm not 100% into fixing this issue, as my main plan is to sell the components that do work and buy an i5 setup using my backup 4770. However, I would like to get opinions on what the problem could be to see if there are any temporary fixes available. I'm a pretty heavy gamer, I'm not going to lie, and being on a laptop playing css on lowest breaks my heart after being used to beautiful settings and fine frame rates. ;(

Well, I think that's it, although if I have missed anything please hint at it and I'll do my best to get the info.
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  1. Do you think a new mobo and PSU would outright fix this?

    Asus P5Q Pro Turbo Intel P45
    Corsair TX 650W ATX SLi Compliant Power Supply

    Currently looking at the above.
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