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Hello, my question is that i currently have an IDE hard disk setup as a master and a DVD-RAM as a slave with windows xp on my pc. I want to install windows 7 on my pc but i dont want to remove xp. also i cant erase any data so i decided to buy a new hdd on my question is can i install win 7 on sata and be able to run both of the operating systems at the same time? will sata work with ide as primary?
Any opinion will be appreciated :)
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    Well they won't run at the same time, but you can have 2 OS's on two different drives.

    Yes, IDE can be primary... but if you are installing Windows 7 you would want the SATA as primary... just change your settings in BIOS.

    You can run the SATA w/ Windows 7 and access the files on the XP HD.... no problem. Executing XP programs may have issues, but you should be fine.
  2. thanx mate
    what about my dvd drive? will it work?
  3. Yes, you can setup a dual boot system as you have proposed. Not a problem.
  4. your DVD drive will work just as it does now. no problem
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  6. thanx for all the help friends :)
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