Ok guys so i recently built a gaming pc as i really just play games i have a AMD 5000+ 2.6GHz dual core cpu 2gigs ram XFX 4850 Asus m2n68-am plus and a cooler master 550w psu but i have found that i dont get nearly the performance i was expecting from the graphics card as i dont get close to the online benchmarks for example i can only run crysis on normal and it still lags and games like WIC lags alot so i though there must be something bottlenecking it i mean the gpu does beat a GTS250 (in most games) so if you gous can help me and tell me what the bettlenecks are thank you
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  1. well i was actually thinking of buying a amd athlon x4 620 and another 2gigs ram but friend said it wast worth it do you guys think it will be worth doing these upgrades
  2. well i think i will upgarde my cpu and ram so should i get a amd athlon x4 620 or a amd x3 435
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