Kuhler H2O 620 FX8120 at 4.4GHZ

Is this water cooler Antec kuhler H2O 620 is able to handle FX8120 at 4.4 ghz. ????

Pls Help.
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  1. Yes, you can get 4.4GHz on a 8120 on air. The temps will be even better with the Kuhler. I have a Kuhler 620 and I have had high end $75+ air coolers. The Antec is better by a degree or two, not huge but it's still a nice cooler. Run a push/pull configuration with the fans and get a better thermal paste like Antec Formula 7 and you might even hit 5.0GHz at a safe temp. That's a big MIGHT though.
  2. Thanks A ton for your reply dear. first lets take it to 4.4 den will look further to take it at 5ghz. but fx8120's max operating temp is 61c
  3. @stickg1 thanks : is your system stable at 4.4 ghz & what are your temps under 100% cpu load & what should be the perfect voltage for 4.5 pls help.
  4. The actual BIOS settings for your processor and system will likely be different than what someone else has found to be stable for his/her system.

    My advice is to search for overclocking guides that apply to your CPU and learn what is needed to test and apply for the results you want.
  5. yes my dear but you hve the same cpu thats y m asking for your help.
  6. No one in this thread has said they have the same CPU...I have an Intel i7 2600. stickg1 has an Intel i5 2500k.

    If you truly want to learn how to overclock you will need to learn how to do it...not just have someone give you the answers. If something does not work, how would you fix it? Ask someone to then fix it?
  7. Yes, I have an i5-2500K and it is nothing like having a FX-8120. In fact my max temp at 4.5GHz is 60C, which is good for i5 sandys, but really high for your FX-8120. So there is no comparison there. You're just going to want to adjust the multiplier and leave it on auto voltage until you reach instability. From there you will need to monitor voltages and adjust them accordingly while also minding the temperature and making sure it is safe.
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