Overclocking AMD Phenom II X4 840

I'm not really a newbie to overclocking but I have one question.
I'm planning to oc my cpu to 3.6(stock 3.2) by upping the fsb.My question is can I damage the motherboard by upping the fsb?I know that I will need to apply new dividers for RAM,Ht link and NB frequency so I won't be overclokcing those but still,can a fsb of 225(up from the stock 200) damage my moterboard(AsRock M3A UCC 480x chipset)?
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  1. Not at all. If you simply OC the FSB to far, it will just blue screen and crash, It wont hurt it, the most that it can do is damage the OS, but even that if vary rare. In my 9 years of Overclocking, I Only screwed up 1 OS install OCing and that was Vista, that might not of even been the OC that caused it.
  2. Thanks a lot for the reply.I also thought so because the fsb in AMD boards(200mhz) hasn't changed for a long time and my board has my maximum fsb setting of 500mhz. :)
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